0.7: Management command instead of django-extensions cron job

In this version, we have deprecated support for the django-extensions cron job. Hence, it will become necessary to update the crontab; whereas before messages where submitted with the runjobs hourly cron job, this has now become submit_newsletter.

0.6: Upgrading from South to Django Migrations

Based on https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.9/topics/migrations/#upgrading-from-south, the procedure should be:

  1. Remove 'south' from INSTALLED_APPS.
  2. Run python manage.py migrate --fake-initial.

If you are upgrading from below 0.5, you need to upgrade to 0.5 first to perform required South migrations before moving to 0.6.

0.5: Message templates in files

As of 0.5 message templates are living in the filesystem like normal files instead of resorting in the EmailTemplate in the database. In most cases, South should take care of writing your existing templates to disk and deleting the database models.

0.4: South migrations

Since 5f79f40, the app makes use of South for schema migrations. As of this version, using South with django-newsletter is the official recommendation and installing it is easy.

When upgrading from a pre-South version of newsletter to a current release (in a project for which South has been enabled), you might have to fake the initial migration as the DB tables already exist. This can be done by running the following command:

./manage.py migrate newsletter 0001 --fake